A Smart Conversational Tip

Trying to overcome the elusive small talk at your next dinner party? Try the smartest conversational tip we know - it works every time!
a smart conversational tip

Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

We've all been there; the gal at a dinner party, baby shower, rehearsal dinner or PTA meeting trying to strike up a conversation with someone (anyone?). Yet our failed attempts fall on deaf ears when we receive the dreaded one-word answers and small talk about the weather. Here's a tip:

Instead of asking "How are you?," ask "What did you do today?"

The former leaves space for an almost robotic response of "Fine, you?" but the more surprising nature of the latter calls for conversational expansion - the perfect kick-off to a budding, new friendship. We've tried this trick with everyone from our tight-lipped aunt to the grocery cashier and are happy to report: people just love talking about their days. Happy chatting, Clementines!

p.s. Now that you've started chatting, here's how to keep the conversation going.