Our Advice To Grads (And Everyone, Really)

Graduating from college is a huge milestone, but what comes next? Read our simple advice to college grads.

Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

Upon graduating, we take with us the experiences we’ve gained over the years: the ups and downs; the love and heartbreak; the (many) lessons learned the hard way. We often think about what pieces we can take from those years—pieces that will carry us through the years and trials we have yet to face. For all you Clementines that may be going through a transition: graduating, moving, committing—whatever it may be—here are a few things that keep us moving forward, courtesy of a young and wise graduate herself, Brittany Randolph:

  1. Let it go. There is an age-old saying, “Let go of the things that no longer serve you.” While not always easy to do, the art of letting go is something that will serve you well in the years following college and there after. Letting go of the things that do not help us to move forward allows us to have more space for sources of happiness in our lives.

  2. Take small trips. There will inevitably be a travel bug of sorts that starts scratching at the surface as the number of candles on your cake increases—an urge to see other parts of the world, other cultures, learn other languages and taste different foods. Our answer? Take small trips! Road trips, day trips, short weekend trips—you name it. This is a time in life when you may not be able to drop everything and go around the world, but you certainly can treat yourself and take a weekend getaway to explore the world around you. Give yourself these little breathers. They will help you stay focused and motivated.

  3. Make lists. As the youthfulness of our brains starts to fade, we turn to the trusty list—grocery lists, birthday lists, to do lists, lists about where you want to go, what bands you would like to see or articles you would like to write. Making lists will help you to compartmentalize and take each day by storm being the strong Clementine that you are.

  4. When in doubt, make your bed. It may seem like a silly piece of advice for a grown Clementine. But if you feel as though the world is slipping a little too quickly from your grasp or like you just need a moment to gather your thoughts, make the bed. Not only will it provide a routine to help form healthy habits, but it will also help tidy up a space. Win, win!

p.s. Want to give the college grad in your life something other than sage advice? Check out this genius work-on-the-go tool.