Meet The Editor: Elizabeth Dehn

Clementine Beauty Editor Elizabeth Dehn shares some tricks of the trade and her tips for maintaining inner beauty in this month's Meet The Editor interview.
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Meet Clementine Beauty Editor Elizabeth Dehn - industry expert on all things beauty and wellness (we still don't know how she finds the time to pursue all her related projects)! From DIY steams to all natural deodorant options, Elizabeth is our guru and source for easy tricks and tips of the trade (including our all-time favorite: how to embrace inner beauty).

You are a master of many trades and interests! You're a writer, blogger, beauty and wellness expert AND you have developed your own line of skin products in collaboration with One Love Organics. Do you have a favorite profession, and if yes - why?

I could never pick just one, honestly! It’s by design that my career is a bit of a mixed bag. I used to struggle with reconciling all of my interests so having variety keeps me balanced and challenged. Also, everything is connected and complementary. This is the result of one of my favorite life lessons: keep turning toward the things and people that give you energy.

Have you always been interested in beauty and wellness? How did your involvement in the industry evolve?

Yes, I was inexplicably born with a beauty gene—starting with making egg white and oatmeal face masks as a kid. I also loved playing with all of my grandmother’s cold creams, Revlon lipsticks and Chanel perfumes. My parents would lovingly joke that I was adopted.

I was a total academic growing up so it never occurred to me I could have a career in beauty. Then I became a magazine editor, which naturally led to starting a blog. Social media opened doors and introduced me to some incredible partners from there. It really has democratized the dream job for so many entrepreneurs. And let’s not forget luck! We all need a bit of that.

Clementine Daily celebrates modern women who find joys in the everyday. What attracted you to this ideal and the site? How do you celebrate the everyday in your own life?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the perceived perfection in the blogosphere and media today. I even struggle with it. Clementine Daily was such a return to the core of what I love about blogging: community, storytelling and a positive exchange of ideas. It’s an unapologetically stripped down yet richer approach to life. It was an honor to join a group of like-minded writers whose voice and point of view I’ve always admired.

It’s always the simple things in life that bring me contentment: the NYTs weekend edition and a cup of coffee, a walk with my dog, dinner with friends. What more do you really need in life?!

But I have a natural tendency to wax nostalgic about the past and obsess about the future so I make a concerted effort to acknowledge those feelings when they come up, then “send them down the river” as my meditative friends says, so I can enjoy what’s right in front of me.

Do you have a go-to, no-fail beauty trick that you are willing to share?

It’s no secret! Blush (or bronzer) makes everything better.

What are three simple things we can all be doing to improve the condition of our skin?

  1. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. And a hat if you’re going to be outside for long!

  2. Feed it with plant-based facial oils, which provide the deep moisture that keep skin healthy. No cream can do for skin what oil can.

  3. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week. Dead skin cells, clogged pores, dull texture—these are so easy to whisk away with a little scrub, peel or mask. Plus, the ritual itself is relaxing and we know what that does for inner beauty!

Your smoothie recipe is still our all-time favorite! We all know our diet has a big impact on our body and our natural appearance, but how big is that impact? What are some easy changes we can implement to see the greatest benefit?

What we put in our body really does have the power to manifest externally. Healthy oils found in salmon, avocado and nuts help keep skin and hair hydrated and shiny. If you have a food sensitivity (a naturopath can test this for you), it may show up in the form of acne or eczema. Every body is different so I encourage people to really listen to theirs and pay attention. No amount of fancy products can make up for our health, so why not treat yourself to week or two without sugar or dairy? You’ll be amazed at how much your skin glows. Better yet, you’ll feel empowered. DISCLAIMER: I have a weakness for whisky, thai food and cheese. I enjoy them all the more when I’ve been taking care of myself!

3 beauty products no one should be without:

  1. Bobbi Brown Corrector is the only thing that will truly wipe out dark circles. It’s a game changer for everyone who uses it.

  2. Blush. The brighter the better to mimic a natural flush. It takes 5-10 years off, instantly.

  3. Face oil or serum. See above! I’m partial to One Love Organics Vitamin C Serum because it’s ultra-hydrating AND brightening.

Is there any practice (spiritual, wellness or otherwise) that has contributed to your relative ease and comfort in your own gorgeous skin?

Self-acceptance is key, and something I work on daily. There’s a simple practice I picked up and shared on Clementine. I’ve also found that surrounding myself with people who know and love me, just the way I am, makes all the difference.

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