Editor's Letter: June 2014

Need to slow down from a fast-paced schedule? Read this month's Clementine Daily editor's letter from Erin Loechner.
girl on boat

Image c/o Coclico

I once heard a story about a racing greyhound who - after retiring - was struggling to find his place in a new adoptive family. He seemed listless at times, frantic at others. He would run circles around tables and sofas and beds, then collapse in a heap for hours at a time - moody and reserved. The family was at a loss, wondering how they could help their new pet adjust to life as a happy, healthy dog. Could he overcome his former racing lifestyle and allow himself the time and space to be loved?

I think of this story often, nearly every time my calendar becomes filled with scribbled appointments and scrawled reminders. I become a greyhound, running circles by day and collapsing by night. There is little space between the extremes - high octane velocity vs. an empty, sputtering gas tank.

It's difficult to slam on the brakes. There's a certain respect granted in the momentum of productivity - of doing and striving and over-achieving - where neighbors raise their eyebrows and friends marvel at your accomplishments. Yet I know this: we were not built for fast. We were built for slow and sustainable, designed to take pause and delight in the passing time around us.

This June, the staff of Clementine Daily will be exploring a slower pace. We'll be sharing our simple guide to essential oils, how to plan a dream staycation, our favorite slow fashion designers, and why we simply must stop multitasking - plus a slew of tips, tricks and ideas for a slower summer. And along the way, we'll be packing our bags for a retreat on the west coast - 72 hours filled with rest and relaxation and rejuvenation - a much-needed respite from the rigors of our days.

And my hope is this - that when we return, long after the last grain of sand has been washed from our toes, our pace will be reset with the tidal waves. We'll have found space in the sun and sustainability in each other. We'll have learned to stop maximizing our minutes and start maximizing our moments.

In case you're curious: the greyhound did eventually settle into his new role as a pet, but not before his family received some sage advice from their local veterinarian: "Take him to the beach. Let him roam free as he runs, pacing himself with the tidal waves. He'll learn to slow down, but only if you give him the space to discover it within himself."

This month, I wish you the same. Cheers to a slow summer, friends.

Erin Loechner