8 Things of Note

Here are a few things of note we're loving today!

CD__8Things_CupofJo Image Credit: April Carter for Cup of Jo

Every week we run across a surprising fact, a gorgeous image or something we just can’t wait to share. (We can’t help ourselves!) This is a compilation of things of note to check out if you’re in an Internet surfing mood! Happy clicking – have a great weekend!

We're lovingthis candid post about choosing adoption.

Feeling stuck? Good thing we are always changing.

Great tips for packing for that weekend getaway.

We can't get enough of these stories of unlikely kindness.

Genius twitter accounts to follow if you're looking to expand your vocabulary.

Raise your hand if your family could be a one-car family.

When weakness can become strength. This is the good stuff, friends.

Picnic-worthy lemon poppy seed cake. Yum.

p.s.Five surprising fertility facts.