Try This: The Travel Lifesaver

Need a smart way to humidify your space on-the-go? Read on.

Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

Meet your new favorite travel companion: the portable humidifier. This tiny wonder screws onto any bottle of water, thus creating the perfect on-the-go environment for you. And the most genius part: there's no need to fumble around searching for an open outlet—this little guy is USB-powered. The benefits are numerous: battle cold symptoms and dry sinuses with the humidifier setting. If you're too warm, especially for traveling mamas with babies in tow, use it as a mister to cool down. Lastly, this portable humidifier also doubles as an aroma diffuser, perfect for turning sterile hotel rooms into soothing sanctuaries. To Buy: PORTABLE HUMIDIFER ($30).

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