Try This: A Posture Trick

Need to sit up straighter? Try this smart posture trick - straight from Paris experts!

try-this---posture-trick Image c/o UpCouture

Leave it to the Parisians to create a stylish solution to one of our most nagging wellness issues: poor posture. Raise your hand if you're slouching as you read this. (Shoot, I'm slouching as I type this.)

Good news! Paris-based e-shop UpCouture blends tech with style by introducing the smartest, most innovative tee around: one that places pressure on your upper arms when your back isn't properly aligned. We Clementines gave it a go and are happy to report a successful trial. The pressure is mild enough to offer a gentle reminder to sit up straight (without the evil eye from your mother) - yet comfortable enough for daily wear. Genius!

For international shipping, order here. The tees are a pretty penny at around $170 with free shipping, but dare we put a price tag on our health? (We didn't think so.)

p.s. And hey, if your posture isn't perfect, give yourself a break. Here's how.