Editor's Letter: May 2014

This month's editor's letter from Executive Editor Erin Loechner.

Image Credit: Woodnote Photography

The ground has thawed, the birds are singing. Indeed, this has been one of the harshest winters yet - endless snow days on one end of our country, droughts on the other. And now, here we are, on the first of May. And ladies, it's time to get outside.

It's time to open the windows, dust off the bikes. To wipe down the bistro table and prep the grill. To shake out the rugs, lace our sneakers, finally start that garden. But mostly, it's time to get outside of our comfort zone. To try something new, shake something old. To redefine ourselves and those around us. To release judgment and embrace uncertainty and welcome the challenges of both.

I find it fitting that this month's theme - this push to get outside - coincides with Mother's Day. Because if anyone can use a gentle nudge to break the mold, it's the woman. It's the mothers and daughters, nurturers and caretakers. The weary but resilient, sensitive but strong.

This month, we'll be spotlighting our own mothers as Everyday Icons (after all, there are few more fitting for the title). We'll be sharing more of our favorite motherhood tips and revealing our secret tricks for decorating with family souvenirs. And along the way, we'll be speaking to the many facets of ourselves (because by now, you should know we never believe in pigeon-holing): learning how to wear sheers the proper way, the smartest travel gadgets to try and guaranteed beauty products that work for everyone.

Whether you're chasing toddlers, scheduling conference calls, watering plants, cutting vegetables, swimming laps, launching businesses, taking temperatures or traveling the world, you are a mother. You have birthed something beautiful - perhaps within yourself, or perhaps to share with others. Maybe you're single or married or childless or "It's complicated." But you, dear Clementine, are a mother. Because after all, every woman is a mother to some.

We are laugh lines and cuffed jeans and mug collectors. We mother our children, our colleagues, sometimes our parents. And this month, it's time to do it with gusto. It's time to get outside and march to a new drum. It's time to break down the walls we've been hibernating behind and proudly wave our mother flag high.

Ready? Set?


Erin Loechner