Try This: A Simple Breakfast

A simple breakfast that not only satisfies our morning sweet tooth, but also get's us out the door in no time.

CD-greek-jogurt-choco-granola-7 Image Credit: Ana Kamin

We have a confession to make: sometimes we feel like eating a cake for breakfast. Another confession? We don't always have a ton of time in the morning. If you've run into the same dilemma, fear not—we've got you covered! We're sharing our go-to simple breakfast that requires no recipe, satisfies our morning sweet tooth and get's us out the door in no time.

Greek Yogurt & Chocolate Granola With Raspberries

4 tbsp greek yogurt
3 tbsp chocolate crunch granola (we get ours from Whole Foods or Trader Joe's)

Simply combine the ingredients together in a bowl and enjoy!

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