Try This: Freshen Your Drawers

Need a spring cleaning in the bedroom? Here's how to freshen your drawers!

Freshen-Your-Drawers-sml Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

It's been a long winter and those sweaters, jeans and tees that have been neatly folded (or let's be honest, sometimes haphazardly thrown) into your drawers are starting to feel - and smell - stuffy. Take a cue from our wise grandmothers and combat musty odors with this easy peasy trick of the trade:

Place a piece of natural charcoal in a satchel (or an old sock!) and store it in the back of your dresser, closet or drawer. The charcoal acts as a natural deodorizer, absorbing unwanted odors in 24 hours or less.


p.s. Transitioning your wardrobe? Throw a few natural charcoal briquettes in with your seasonal clothing storage while you're at it!