On the Menu: French Lentil Quinoa Cakes with Minted Yogurt

Looking for a quick and tasty lunch? Try this recipe for French lentil quinoa cakes with minted yogurt

1 cup french lentils, dried
1 cup green lentils, dried
4 bay leaves
1 cup quinoa, dried
1 medium red onion, roughly chopped
4 garlic cloves, minced
3 tablespoons capers
1 lemon, juice & reserve zest
1/2 cup chickpea flour (or all-purpose)
2 cups raw kale, finely chopped
1/4 cup fresh dill, minced
2 tablespoons parsley, dried
2 eggs, whisked
6 oz. greek yogurt (1 or 2%)
3 tablespoons fresh mint, minced

French Lentils
Green Lentils
Bay Leaves, 4
Red Onion, 1
Garlic, 4 cloves
Capers, 3 tablespoons
Lemon, 1
Chickpea Flour (or All-Purpose)
Kale, 2 cups (about 1 large head)
Fresh Dill, 1 oz.
Parsley, dried
Eggs, 2
Greek Yogurt, 6 oz.
Fresh Mint, 1 oz.

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