On Living Alone

How living alone can help your personal growth.

On-Living-Alone Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

I love sharing tips, ideas and products that create a more beautiful and welcoming home environment. Yet I'm also increasingly conscious of the fact that turning a house into a home involves more than just decorating it. That's why I'm honored that Clementine Daily asked me to write about my experience on a deeper, more personal level. Of course I'll always get excited about the perfect domestic discovery, but it's through the lens of a new perspective on living well—a perspective that I'm proud to have earned.

Exactly one year ago I moved into my first apartment. Sure, I’d had others, but this was the first time I’d navigated the hunt solo, the first time I’d signed a lease with only my name on it, the first time I’d be living alone without family, a roommate, or a husband. I was thirty years old; and I was terrified.

I arrived in Los Angeles from San Francisco having walked away from an ailing marriage and from the business into which I’d poured both my finances and my heart. I brought with me one suitcase, six grocery sacks, and a hand-written list of five goals. At the top of that list was the very path upon which I was embarking: live by myself for at least one year. As I carried my bags up the stairs and into the unknown, I felt trepidation but also an overwhelming need to prove that I could - in fact - survive alone. Because truth be told, I didn’t believe myself the least bit capable of doing so.

Today, I’ve rebuilt my life from scratch. When fear and self-doubt come knocking, I simply remind myself how far I’ve come in the last twelve months. It’s been a time steeped in reflection. Every question about the house (Should I shop vintage or new? How long can I go without a sofa, anyway?) has represented the chance to ask at a more profound level, "Do I want this in my life? Do I need this in my life?" As I’ve become more intentional about my interior, I’ve learned what’s important to me and what I can let go. I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of a mindful home to alter my outlook, boost my confidence, and empower me to take my destiny into my own hands.

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