How To Take A Compliment

Find yourself unable to take a compliment? Accepting praise can be tough! Luckily, we've got a simple solution.

How-To-Take-A-Compliment-sml Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

A compliment delivered directly from one's heart to your own can be a wonderful thing. Yet, to take a compliment gracefully, one has to be willing to accept the kind words as the truth. Instead, we oftentimes feel the need to deflect praise from others in strange and—we're going to say it—slightly offensive ways. We can all probably think of at least one instance when we said something absurd or even mildly rude in response to simple acclaim lobbed in our general direction. In fact, we can think of a few examples from just yesterday. Whoops. 

The bottom line is this: if you've ever received a genuine compliment only to respond, "Oh thank you, but ..." or "What? Are you kidding? I'm not even ...," you're in good company. We find that women, in particular, tend to turn the tables when receiving praise. Perhaps we were told to reserve our pride of accomplishment or that shining brightly might make others feel less than stellar. Whatever the reason, we can't seem to just take a compliment.

So, we're here with a little experiment. The next time you receive a good-hearted pat on the back, respond with two simple words:

Thank you

Now, we're not being sarcastic here. Nor do we have any intention of making light of something we all struggle with on a regular basis. Yet, those two commonly-used words are truly the best solution. Try it with us:

"Congratulations on the big promotion!"

Thank you.

"Wow! You look amazing this evening."

Thank you.

"Your home is so lovely."

Thank you.

That's it, dearest Clementines. No disparaging qualifying statements needed.

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