Editor's Letter: April 2014

If your home, wardrobe and spirit need a bit of freshening up - you're not alone. Read this month's inspired Editor's Letter from Erin Loechner.
lemons on cutting board

lemons on cutting board Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

Can I be frank with you? Last month started off with a bang, and I fully intended to thrive - not just survive - through the duration of this long, cold winter. To put a spring in my step and a smile on my face. And I did, for the most part. I chose patience and gratitude and took a whole lot of big deep breaths and gave myself a time out or two.

And then, this past weekend hit.

It had all of the ingredients for a fantastic Saturday: no plans, a stocked fridge and a hint of sunshine in the spring air. But my attitude was off. The night before, I'd lingered a bit too long on updates from a girlfriend in Cozumel for spring break - fun in the sun, sand in her toes. And my focus began to shift from what I had- a relaxing weekend to recharge - to what I didn't - an adventure with sunscreen.

A twinge of envy coupled with exhaustion from a long week of parenting a teething toddler and a looming work deadline ahead left me with a sharp tongue on Saturday morning. My responses were short and abrupt, my words harsh and stinging. And just like that, I'd soured the beautiful day that awaited my family. I'd turned our carefree, no-scheduled day into a weekend that felt more like a restriction and less like a gift. And as it does, my bad mood permeated throughout the household until the air was heavy and our nerves were frayed.

And whatever spring we'd all had in our steps before that morning? They had vanished.

The beauty in this, of course, is that - most of the time - we get to start over. We shake the mood and ease into a smile, eventually asking for forgiveness in the best way we know how. And this month is for forgiveness.

It's for freshening up the cobwebs in our heads and the clutter in our homes, and mostly - it's for freshening up the heaviness in our spirits.

Call it spring cleaning, if you will. We call it the opportunity for a fresh start. Stay tuned this month as we share our tried-and-true spring cleaning checklist along with tips and tricks for accepting compliments, dressing your age, brushing up on your inner beauty, mastering the art of the 5-minute breakfast - and everything between.

Because if there's anything last month taught me, it's that everyone needs a bit of freshening. From counters and wardrobes to - sometimes - Saturday morning moods.


Erin Loechner