8 Things of Note

Here are a few things of note we're loving today!

HauteMess_8Things418 Image Credit: Her Haute Mess

Every week we run across a surprising fact, a gorgeous image or something we just can’t wait to share. (We can’t help ourselves!) This is a compilation of things of note to check out if you’re in an Internet surfing mood! Happy clicking – have a great weekend!

How cool are these? Pretty sure we'll be finding a tree house to call "home" on our next trip.

10 reasons to dust off your library card. We're in!

Wow. These floral installations are something else.

These overnight steel cut oats sound incredible.

We firmly believe in the high pony tail.

Worth a watch on your lunch break: the hidden power of smiling.

Homemade ketchup. It's easier than you think!

Who here has tried oil pulling? Was it gross? Awesome? Tell us everything.

 p.s. On living alone.