Tips for Shopping Instagram

Have you ever wondered if shopping Instagram is a good idea? We've got a few tips to help you hunt for goodies!

Instagram-sml Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

It should come as no surprise that we Clementines love a good deal. We also love good quality, which is why we often find ourselves scouring clearance sections, estates sales and thrift stores for discounted and gently used items in search of a new home. Yet sometimes, busy schedules leave little time for rummaging through boxes, bins and racks. Our solution? Join the ranks of many women shopping each other's gently-used closets on a social network we've all grown to love: Instagram! The concept is simple; sellers upload a few favorite pieces of clothing, accessories, shoes (even items for the home!) and buyers send Paypal funds to cover the cost. Easy peasy, right?

Before you give it a go, we offer a few tips to ensure you shop wisely and avoid that nasty buyer's remorse.

  1. Purchase From Trusted Sources
    We know this seems implicit but there are times even the wisest shopper has been fooled. We don't recommend blindly searching for profiles to follow, instead ask your friends and feed for recommendations and look for recognizable account names.

  2. Ask Questions
    Sellers are encouraged to respond to all inquiries about products - if they don't, please refer to the tip above. If you're not familiar with a brand, don't be shy about confirming sizing, stitching details and color. Bottom line: don't be over zealous and commit to purchasing something for fear of missing out! Remember those adorable booties that were just a 1/2 size too small? Have they seen the light of day? We thought not, and trust us - we have ALL been there!

  3. Sales Are Final
    Which brings us to our final tip: do your homework, because all sales are final! While most offer prompt response shipping with tracking info, we have yet to encounter a seller who will accept returns.

p.s. While we're talking Instagram, have you printed your photos yet?