Editor's Letter: March 2014

Winter blues got you down? Warmth is right around the corner with this spring essay from our executive editor Erin Loechner.
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Image Credit: Victoria / Oh So Pretty

There is a quote I keep on my nightstand from French philosopher Albert Camus: "In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer." I often forget that it's there - a wrinkled and frayed index card nestled between books and hand cream, earrings and journal. But I've found that these words catch my eye when I need them most; when the days are long and my spirit is weak and my body needs rest. And just like that, the invincible summer (after all, it was there all along) blooms within and my spirit rises to resilience.

What if - this year - we don't just survive winter? What if we challenge ourselves to thrive during this season of cold, of silence? What if we stop trudging in our boots and start skipping in our flats - peeling back our layers of protection to let the winter chill invigorate our bones? What if we - quite literally - put a spring in our step, running toward our own invincible summer?

It will take practice, to be fair. It will take a slower stride - one of kindness and gentleness and immense self-control. It will take many moments of patience, hitting the reset button on our soul, circumstances around us flurrying like snow. And we will misstep often, stumbling into anxiety as the wind howls to conditions beyond our control. But often times, we have to fall before we can break our spirit apart, spilling pride and bitterness and anger onto the icy sidewalks beneath.

This month, we're focusing on an invincible spring: one of intention and optimism, gratitude and hope. We'll be sharing tangible ways to put a spring in your step - from early morning stretches to try, vitamin-packed foods to eat, mood-boosting beauty products - all in an effort to springboard the world around you. From lightweight scarves to road trip reads, this month is all about adventure and kindness, care and warmth.

Because after all, we're in this together. It's time for winter's reign to end, bidding farewell to hibernation and hello to community. It's time for an invincible spring.

Erin Loechner

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