Try This: Virtual Specs

Searching for advice on how to buy glasses online? Look no further than this cutting-edge technology from DITTO that works with your webcam!
glasses on nightstand

glasses on nightstand Image Credit: Victoria / Oh So Pretty

Problem: You're in desperate need of some new specs, but hate making the trek to your local eyeglass store to wait in the lobby for an hour (only to risk being greeted with less-than-unique eyeglass options).

Solution? DITTO, the newest, smartest online shop for us four-eyed gals. With virtual, 3D technology that works with your computer's webcam, you can match your face shape to any frame - without even leaving your desk. With dozens of designer shades from prescription to sunnies, you're sure to find a pair you love.

Now, what to do with all that time you just saved?

p.s. Have you heard? Thick glasses are in!