Try This: A Fireside Chat

No complaining allowed - snow is the perfect time for a fireside chat with the ones you love. Here's what you'll need!
fireside candle

Try This: A Fireside Chat - Clementine Daily Image Credit: Cassie / Veda House

We're experiencing another crazy snow storm our way, so instead of focusing on endless shoveling, slushy heels and cracking, dry skin, we've got another thing on our minds: a cozy fireside chat. The kind with chunky knit sweaters, heaping bowls of butternut squash soup and a hearty glass of red wine. Why not take advantage of this winter wonderland and settle in to what nature's clearly calling for?

No fireplace? No problem. We love this candle for our fake-it fix, instantly conjuring up aromas of roasted marshmallows and old log cabins. And for those of you on the west coast and southern states, why not romanticize your sunny weather with a fireside chat of your own? Slushy heels and dry skin not included (you lucky ducks!).

So grab a book, your favorite friends or family and perhaps a few conversation cards to let the festivities begin? Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!