How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

They say that comparison is the thief of joy. Try these three simple steps to stop comparing yourself to others.

Image Credit: Cassie / Veda House

As a species we've been wondering if the grass is greener since our ancestors discovered that the neighbors had a bigger cave. Today’s carefully curated online content makes it harder than ever to stop comparing yourself to others around you. Of course you could live under a rock to avoid the anxiety. Or you could practice the three G’s—gratitudegenerosity, and growth—to chip away at the sense of dissatisfaction that accompanies comparison. Use these mental tools regularly and you won’t have to run for the hills each time you check your Instagram feed:

Gratitude: Dwell on what you do have, rather than what you don’t have. Engage in conscious, consistent moments of gratitude, from a journal of daily highlights to a moment of thanks before each meal. You’ll find yourself so busy counting your own blessings that you lose track of others’.

Generosity: Donate your time and energy. Not only will you gain perspective—life isn’t always pretty as a Pinterest board—you’ll imbue yourself with a deeper sense of worth than any status update can convey. While even an occasional act of kindness has benefits, a recent study on volunteering suggests that two hours weekly spent giving back has the best impact on well-being.

Growth: Adopt a goal-oriented mindset and use your pangs of envy to identify how you can nurture your emotional health. If ‘everyone else is out having fun’, schedule more real-life quality time with loved ones. If every #OOTD underscores your apathetic reliance on jeans, raid your closet for more creative options and actually wear them. You’ll never come up short when your point of comparison is your joyful and ever-evolving self!

p.s. Another way to boost your confidence? Go mirror-free for a week!