Meet The Editor: Anne Sage

The second installment in our Meet The Editors series is an interview with Home and Living Editor, the multi-talented Anne Sage.

Image Credit: Why We Love

The next introduction in our Meet The Editors series is Anne Sage. Anne wears many hats and she wears them all - well - beautifully. No stranger to the social media and design worlds, her blog The City Sage is a staple for creatives in any industry. We consider ourselves lucky to include her incredible (read: flawless) voice as the Home and Living Editor on Clementine Daily. From interiors to fashion to personal essays, Anne gracefully and skillfully blends form and function, style and substance. Indeed, Anne is a true sage for us all.

You wear many hats, writer/blogger being only one of them.  How has your career evolved?  Was it intentional or more of a go-with-the-flow type of trajectory?

My career trajectory has been serpentine to say the least! I have an undergraduate degree in English, spent two months in an Interior Design masters program before deciding it wasn’t the right fit, and over the years have worked as a consumer strategist at an ad agency, a chef at a tech startup, an editor at a print magazine, a wardrobe stylist for music videos…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! I suffer from an inability to pick one of my many interests and focus on that, so I’ve spent my life trying to find just the right combination of many things.

If you had to spend the next ten years working in only one field, which would it be and why?

I’m gonna throw a curveball and say I’d get my life coach or yoga teacher’s certification and spend the next ten years doing more human-centric work. I’d also keep up with the things I find the most satisfaction in now—writing, collaborating with companies and individuals I admire—but lately I’ve been seeking opportunities that imbue those pursuits with more meaning.

 You have an incredible library and vast literary knowledge.  Can you name your 3 favorite books (and a little explanation of why each is at the top of your list)?

Heyday by Kurt Andersen. Humor, romance, and a romp across the US during a watershed year in its evolution. This book speaks to the history nerd hidden in all of us.

When Things Fall Apartby Pema Chodron has helped me through some really difficult times. It’s full of the kind of revelations that feel at once immediately apparent and eternally confounding. I still reach for it when I feel the need to refocus by unfocusing.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. From its exploration of family dynamics to its masterful use of dialogue, I’m in awe that a book written over two centuries ago feels more and more relevant with each passing year. I’ve read it at least ten times!

You cover a wide array of topics on your blog The City Sage.  Which posts do you find the most inspiring and exciting?

The posts I find the most exciting are the ones that takes a twist during the writing process. For example, a roundup of winter beauty picks that turns into an essay on self-acceptance. Or a piece on flea marketing that unexpectedly explores the nature of curiosity. It’s such a delight to get lost in a topic you didn’t even know you felt strongly about, then come up for air to find yourself the author of something you’re surprisingly proud of.

What are a few blogs/websites that you frequent?

About once per week I make my rounds of the usual lifestyle suspects: coco + kelley, sfgirlbybay, Wit & Delight. And lately I’ve been frequenting a lot of cooking blogs to spice up my kitchen routine: A Cozy Kitchen, Pinch of Yum, and Love + Lemons are a few faves.

You have lived in many great cities in North America; where is “home”?

Home is definitely Los Angeles. Not only are most of my dearest friends here, I feel most at ease in the laid-back energy of Southern California. That’s not to say that I don’t miss the cities I’ve lived in before—my parents still live in Toronto, and San Francisco will always hold a place in my heart—but I feel a sense of permanence here in Los Angeles that is unique and refreshing for me!

The mission of Clementine Daily is by now quite familiar - what attracted you to this ideal and the site?  How do you celebrate the everyday in your own life?

I was drawn to Clementine Daily’s mission of accessible inspiration because I myself struggle with questions about how to reconcile my love of beauty and nice things with my desire to live a thoughtful, well-intentioned life. My guiding principle (whether I’m writing for Clementine or going about my day) is to ask myself not ‘How can I do more with less?’ but rather ‘How can I do less with less?’

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