8 Things of Note

Here are a few things of note we're reading this week!
aura chimes

Image Credit: Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Every week we run across a surprising fact, a gorgeous image or something we just can’t wait to share. (We can’t help ourselves!) This is a compilation of things of note to check out if you’re in an Internet surfing mood! Happy clicking – have a great weekend!

Spring is on its way! Why not knit your own DIY tunic from Wool and the Gang in preparation for its arrival?

We are a great many things. A gorgeous essay on what it is to be a woman who cannot be pigeonholed.

People are surprisingly honest when they're out for a run. Loved this video.

Jerry Seinfeld's genius parenting analysis.

This room spray brings the outside in (spring, are you listening?)

An ode to the floor-sweeping cardigan.

The simplest kale salad.

And modern wind chimes.

p.s. How to get that perfect amount of quirkiness and color in your living room. (The yellow chairs!)