Try This: A Winter Picnic

Stuck indoors? Grab a basket and some food for this outdoor winter picnic!

WINTER-PICNIC Image Credit: Giulia Audrey Doyle

Across the country, temperatures are dropping quickly with colder-than-ever wind chills in nearly every zip code. Know what we Clementine gals say? If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Take a cue from our resident foodie Giulia Audrey Doyle: Bundle up, get outside and embrace the season with a cozy winter picnic outdoors. Pack a thermos of hot chocolate, some chili with corn bread, plenty of warm blankets and head to a nearby park. Tote along your dogs, kids or friends for a sledding adventure, or just bring yourself and an open mind to let the snowy silence settle in for a bit.

Sure, it's extra work and the chill can be biting. But sometimes all it takes is fresh air, warm hands and a blanket of snow to give you a fresh perspective on the beauty that surrounds us. Here's to embracing each season we're in - the good, the bad and the brrrr-eautiful! We'll meet you there.

p.s. Don't forget your cold weather accessories!