Meet The Editor: Stephanie Duncan

Our Meet The Editors series will introduce the team behind Clementine Daily. We kick off the interviews with our talented Style Editor, Stephanie Duncan.
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We have assembled an impressive and inspiring group of women (if we do say so ourselves) to create the content featured daily on this site. These women meet us here each day to shed light on the products, ideas and people that offer them simplicity, purpose and joy, so today, why not turn the spotlight on them?  The first interview in our Meet The Editor series is our own fashion guru, Style Editor Stephanie Duncan. We first fell in love with Stephanie after discovering her irreproachable aesthetic via Pinterest and quickly became fans of her blog LET IT BE. Her eye is remarkable, her approach accessible...and this is only a small fraction of what makes Stephanie an incredible blogger, stylist and (to her, most importantly) mom!

We were first introduced to your incredible aesthetic on Pinterest.  Which  came first, your blog or your Pinterest account?  Was one a natural extension of the other?

I actually started LET IT BE and joined Pinterest at the exact same time.  My plan was to use Pinterest to support the blog, and inspire and organize my content.  I was slow to find my voice on the blog, but quick to build my boards on Pinterest.  The collage of images, the process of creating a felt very natural for me.

You have a background in fashion, how did you transition that experience into blogging?

When I became a full time mama, I missed fashion.  I was desperate to stay in the conversation and wanted to continue to study it the way I always had.  Blogging gave me the drive to stay current and the platform to share my thoughts and new discoveries.  I think that I was successful in fashion because of my eye and consistency.  I work hard to stay true to my aesthetic, and I think that is something that people appreciate.

Who is your biggest style icon?  What inspires your wardrobe choices on a daily basis?

I really admire Stella McCartney.  She is classic, but modern and edgy, effortless and so put together.  I think she truly understands what looks good on a woman and how to make a lady appear strong without giving up her femininity.  Personally, I have figured out what works best on me and I try to keep that in mind while I shop.  When I veer from my uniform, it typically leads to regret.  My goal is to build a collection where things can easily be mixed and matched and are not trend specific.

As you well versed, Clementine Daily celebrates modern women who find joys in the everyday. What attracted you to this ideal and the site? How do you celebrate the everyday in your own life?

I think being a modern woman today can feel a bit impossible.  How can we keep all of the balls in the air and find time for ourselves? Sometimes I can’t even manage to keep up with my absolute favorite/most loving/supportive friends and I certainly don’t have the hours it takes to visit all the amazing blogs and sites I love.  Clementine, for me, is a one-stop shop that is open around the clock.  The first time that I visited the site I simultaneously felt a desire to accept my faults, and inspiration to strive for more.  I work to achieve that delicate balance daily.

What are 5 wardrobe items you cannot live without?

A dark skinny jean;  a short bootie; a chunky sweater; a well-cut jacket; and a flattering skirt.

What is the best piece of style advice you have ever received or given?

Buy only what you love and wear it with confidence…you will pull it of every time.

We are dying to know, what are your favorite shopping resources?

My absolute favorite pieces all originated from one of my grandmothers’ closets.  I love vintage, so I frequent local thrift stores and consignment shops.  I will occasionally save and splurge on designer stuff.  (When it’s on sale and I have obsessed over it all season long.)  For budget friendly finds, I like Madewell and Anthro sales, and online shops like Need Supply or ASOS.  Just for the record- I firmly believe that if you have hone your taste, you can shop anywhere and on any budget!

Finally, another important (if not the most important) role you have is as a mother to two lovely girls. How do they impact your decisions in the way of wardrobe selection and work commitments?

My girls are my life.  I may love fashion and enjoy blogging, but all of that comes after I take care of the needs of my family and home.  Being a mother is by far the most satisfying thing I have ever done.  The journey of becoming a mother, struggling with infertility, going through adoption…it changed me.  Now I really believe that anything is possible; building our family taught me that.  Juggling my responsibilities and goals can be exhausting, but every day I simply do the very best that I can. That is the example I want to be for my girls.  I hope that they handle their business, but chase their dreams too!

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