Editor's Letter: December 2013

Feeling the rush of a holiday frenzy? Read this month's Clementine Daily editor's letter for advice on celebrating a low-key Christmas.

Image Credit: Ken Loechner

Happy December! It's the month of frenzied shopping, nonstop-baking, light-untangling, over-indulging, ice-scraping, nose-running, gift-wrapping, car-pooling, kid-schlepping, budget-busting holidays. But what if it weren't?

What if, this December, we vowed to go a bit easier on ourselves and our families? What if we declared this year The Year of The Low-Key Christmas, where cookies were store bought and gifts were simple? What if we intentionally cleared our calendars of the work commitments and PTA meetings and well-meaning celebratory gatherings that leave us feeling worn and tired, ready to wish away the holiday season altogether?

In our home, my husband and I share a love for Christmas movies, preferably of the all-time blatantly garish Lifetime variety (show us Mario Lopez in a Santa hat and we'll show you the true meaning of Christmas). So this year, instead of creating an advent calendar designed to pack more fun! and more intention! and more carpe diem!, we dreamed up our own customized version: one Christmas movie per night, for twenty-five nights. More slippers, less heels. More popcorn, less baking. More pajamas, less parties.

For your family, Christmas might mean caroling and baking, decorating and entertaining, sledding and fort-building. Whatever it might be, find it and do it - and leave the rest to those Lifetime scripts we love to love.

This month at Clementine Daily, you'll find non-stop inspiration for celebrating the kind of holiday we all crave: simple, meaningful and warm. From 'How To Say No During The Holidays' to 'Giving The Gift of Time' to 'Making Resolutions That Stick,' consider our editors, experts and contributors your tour guides to creating the Christmas of your dreams.

And hey, whether your holiday includes flour-splattered aprons or Mario Lopez in a santa hat, we don't judge. May all your wishes come true.

Erin Loechner