Try This: The Internet Fast

Why not unplug with our recommended tech fast this weekend? Here are the details...

Image Credit: Cassie / Veda House

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to gather with family and friends and the ones we hold dearest in our lives, exchanging gratitude and hope and encouragement for the community we've created. But there was something unsettling about our time together:

When looking at our photos from yesterday's visit, we noticed that someone was on his/her phone in every single image. Rather than being present and enjoying each other's company, we were subconsciously seeking to experience someone else's moments: football touchdowns, Instagram highlights, breaking news feeds, incoming email alerts.

It was disappointing. Many moments were missed in the name of tech distractions: babies dancing in laundry baskets, Grandma divulging the secret to her shrimp dip recipe, a father's recount of that one time he hung his best friend's underwear on the lamppost.

Conversation often stems from boredom, from silence. But with the nonstop noise and entertainment of our personal phones, iPads, computers - do we hear the silence? Is there ever silence?

This weekend, we're declaring an Internet-free zone in our homes. No social media, no alerts, no pings. Just family and conversation and productivity and the enjoyment of present company  - no distractions invited.

Join us if you'd like, and we'll see you Monday!