A Low-Key Thanksgiving

Exhausted from high expectations surrounding the perfect holiday season? Enjoy our low-key Thanksgiving inspiration - it's just you, food and the people you love.

Thanksgiving is - by far - our favorite holiday. Food, family, friends - what's not to love? But sometimes it feels so... stuffy (and we're not talking that full feeling we get from gobbling too much turkey!). Between the place cards and the turkey glaze and the floral arrangements, the day can often bring a frenzy for the hostess and sometimes exhaustion sets in before our treasured guests even arrive.

This year, we're switching it up. By hosting a low-key game night with snacks, pizza and the people we love, we can bask in the gratitude of the things that matter. After all, it's not what's on the table - it's who's around it. (Bonus? If your family is prone to drama and bickering during holidays, games are guaranteed tension-diffusers!)

Happy Thanksgiving next week - from our (low-key) table to yours!

p.s. Heading to someone else's home next week? Don't forget the hostess gift!