8 Things of Note

Here's what we're reading this week!

Image Credit: Marimekko

Every week we run across a surprising fact, a gorgeous image, or something we just can’t wait to share. (We can’t help ourselves!) This is a compilation of eight of those things to check out if you’re in an Internet surfing mood! Happy clicking – have a great weekend!:

Sofia Coppola's New York City apartment.

The phrase that will change your perspective in a heartbeat.

Do you suffer from decision fatigue?

It's where you are. Your friends really are a big deal when it comes to your creativity, career, and happiness.

Warm lemon water first thing in the morning? Sounds sour but surprisingly refreshing.

Sniff, sniff. A quick cold and flu remedy checklist.

Stop saying goodbye.

Marimekko Weather Diary. The most beautiful video for capturing the magic of the season.