A Low-Key Halloween Party

Need a great idea for a Halloween party? Throw an impromptu neighborhood bonfire for parents of Trick-or-Treaters. Just add warm cider!

At Clementine Daily, we believe in celebrating the everyday, so why should holidays be any different? As much as we love perusing through glossy images of styled place settings, airbrushed smiles and tasseled garlands, we'd much rather throw an impromptu party with the ones we love - fuss-free and on the fly.

That's why each month, we'll be sharing a video of our favorite way to celebrate the holidays, from January through December and every celebration between. Today, enjoy our Halloween celebration - a neighborhood fire pit night of tricks, treats and the warmth of community. (Darling kids and marshmallows certainly don't hurt, yes?)

Happy Halloween, Clementines!

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