Editor's Letter: October 2013

A letter from the editor during fall's season of change.

Image Credit: Ken Loechner

Launching a new website is a lot like walking around in new shoes - there's a fair bit of breaking in to do, and you sometimes wind up with aching blisters. And this past month of meeting you here daily, sharing inspiration and ideas and finds and trials has made every aching blister so very worth it.

I received an email from a dear reader a few weeks ago, asking me when I knew it was time to launch a new venture into the world. And the truth is? I don't. I never know if the timing is right or the idea will fly or the shoes will fit. But we're women, and women have good intuition (and great taste in shoes). So we do it, and we wait. And we learn and we try and we grow, and a lot of times we trip. And a few times we cry. And that's when we know we've stumbled into something real and beautiful and true - when the blisters cause us tears, but we move forward and press on and walk into the depths of uncharted territory.

For Clementine Daily, October is a month of transition. We have editors planning cross-country moves and writing books and traveling overseas, all trying to stay afloat as we run full steam ahead in new shoes that hurt, but heal. We're finding our way together, navigating the good and the hard and attempting to take time to celebrate both.

And somewhere along the way, we're welcoming fall's first chill, ready to wrap up into the newness of a season ripe with change. Iced coffees replaced with warm chais, summer sheets layered with textured blankets. Even the leafy greens surrounding us have given way to reds and yellows and - yes - the orangest of Clementines.

I find it fitting that fall is boot season, a time where we offer our tired feet a new skin, wrapped in leather and lace and anticipation. And even though boots arrive with blisters, they never stay for long, do they? Eventually the blister subsides, the skin adapts and we press on - ready for a new season entirely.

Here's wishing you a season of change, adaptation and transition. Happy fall, friends - let's pass the Band-Aids, yes?

Erin Loechner