8 Things of Note

Here's what we're reading this week!

Image Credit: Woodnote Photography

Every week we run across a surprising fact, a gorgeous image, or something we just can’t wait to share (We can’t help ourselves!) This is a compilation of eight of those things to check out if you’re in an Internet surfing mood! Happy clicking – have a great weekend!:

Nature is big and alive. A view of the Aurora Borealis from a small farm in Norway.

book that captures the allure of Manhattan to poets, writers, and wandering spirits.

A quick hair color guide if you're thinking of adding gold tones this Fall.

They read every person's mind in the world and finally made Girl Scout Cookie Cupcakes.

Do you have a Fall TV show that's a total guilty pleasure? Join the club.

Fervent supporters of handcraft, authenticity and the art of collaboration. West Elm's quick reaction to ripped-off design.

Dutch oven Apple Crisp.

Socks in Birks is one thing, but socks and heels? Where do you stand?