Win An Evening With Clementine!

Find out how to win an evening with Clementine editors and friends - and a $1,000 shopping spree to!
dinner with clementine 2

Image Credit: Leah Verwey

When Team Clementine first began brainstorming ways to celebrate our official launch in early September, we knew we wanted a truly authentic evening: real conversations with real food with real women. Because face it - standing room only while balancing a cocktail in one hand and a phone in the other while also trying to maintain a conversation over the blaring music and the hunger for more than fancy appetizers on napkins isn't our ideal scenario.

So instead, we're simplifying. A private dinner for 20 in the heart of downtown Chicago at the most memorable, most intimate venue we discovered. (Really intimate - we've got the whole place to ourselves!) But the best part is? You're invited.

Throwing a dinner without inviting our readers seemed like hosting a party without the guest of honor. After all, what fun would a site be without the community surrounding it? Naturally, we pulled some strings (with the help of our friends at to allow for 4 extra seats around the table: you, you, you and you!

Here's the deal: 4 lucky ladies will be invited to join us on the evening of September 25th. Simply enter in the comment section below with the phrase "Chicago, please!" and we'll announce our random winners via Facebook on Monday, September 23rd. (Be sure you've "Liked" our page so you can find out if you've won!) Prepare to arrive at our top secret venue in downtown Chicago around 7pm - and get ready for some serious eats, inspiring convos (we want to hear what YOU want to read on Clementine!) and a beautifully packaged gift bag from a few of our favorite friends and partners (Tattly, Chronicle Books, FashionABLE, Benefit Cosmetics, Silvano Apparel, Sucre Shop, Acanthus Jewelry,KIND Snacks and hayneedle).

AND WAIT. THERE'S MORE. We're big fans of including everyone in the fun here at Clementine Daily, and since we can't fly to each of your cities to celebrate such a successful launch month, we're sending you something way better:

For those of you who can't enter our Chicago dinner giveaway, you're eligible for an amazing, unbelievable $1,000 shopping spree at hayneedle!!! (Hint: Stay tuned next month to see what our trend/shopping editor Joanna did with $1,000 worth of product at hayneedle - you won't believe the transformation in her space!) Simply enter in the comment section below with the phrase "Hayneedle, please!" and we'll announce our random winner via Facebook on Monday, September 23rd. (Again, be sure you've "Liked" our page so you can find out if you've won!)

It's our way of saying thanks for embracing our mission and welcoming our writers so beautifully this month. We're still blushing from all of your love and kindness.

See you (hopefully!) in Chicago, and go forth and enter - good luck to all!