Try This: A Smart(er) Errand List

Your to do list just got a whole lot smarter - find out which app you should download ASAP!
girl on phone

Image Credit: Melissa O'Hearn

Surely we're not the only ones who find ourselves pulling into the driveway after an errand-filled day, only to find that we've forgotten to return those books to the library, pick up milk from the grocery or drop off that blazer at the dry cleaner's. If you're as memory-challenged as we are, fret not: there's an app for that.

Don't Forget Your List is a handy phone app to keep shopping lists, errand reminders, scheduled meetings and more in one spot. But the kicker? It has built-in GPS capabilities, meaning you'll never again drive by the thrift store without a pop-up reminder to drop off the box of clothes you've been toting in your trunk for... we won't even discuss how long.

Genius, right? Now if we could just remember where we last saw our phone...

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