How To Unshrink Clothing (in 5 Minutes!)

We've all been there - one dryer snafu and suddenly your wardrobe is fit for a tween (literally). Don't fret - it's an easy fix! Here's the secret...
how to unshrink clothes

Image Credit: Melissa O'Hearn

A sweater made mini, a button down that won’t button up: laundry shrinkage happens to the best of us. The next time a garment falls victim to permanent press, try this fix. Soak the item in water with one capful of baby shampoo. Wring it out gently, lay it flat on a towel, and roll it in the towel to absorb moisture. As the damp piece air dries, carefully stretch it back to original size.

Unless, of course, you like those pants as capris.

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