5 Feng Shui Tricks To Create More Space

What if hoarding and minimalism aren't the only two options, and there's actually a feng shui-inspired balance between the two?
By Amanda Gibby Peters ,

Image Credit: Meagan Floris

In feng shui, open space is symbolic of having more, being more and living more fully. When we give up the clutter of materialism, we gain the invisible – peace of mind, free time and breathing space. 

We like pretty things and adore designing their arrangement, so we aren't advocating pure minimalism – instead, a careful balance. Our spirits revel when we have things we love around us, while our souls are also easily charmed by airy gaps. Both curated design details and emptier pockets can invigorate a room, concocting a visual feast for our eyes, mind and spirit.

The key is discernment, which is necessary in every home. When we edit away the superfluous chatter in our living spaces, everything else gets a second wind. Without suffocating competition, what remains around us blossoms into an invitation and opportunity to see beauty – and the old becomes new again. 

If you'd like to make room in your house with these feel-good vibes, here are a few simple shui ways to bring energy back to life.

Image Credit: Marta Sulocka

1. Walk your house every day.

When we honor morning routines – like turning on lamps, opening the shades and waking up our house – we mindfully replenish the energy around us. And by patiently tucking our home in at night, we once again carry our appreciation for the things we have into every corner. This daily conversation and beautiful practice cultivates gratitude, room by room, reminding us to love the things we've got instead of the things we want.

Image Credit: Megan Floris

2. Consider pleasure a necessity.

By making pleasure a necessity in every room, we arouse our personal energy. And aroused energy is sublime fuel for the future. So, intercept anything that provokes frustration or interrupts your sensory pleasures. By releasing what doesn't add soul and stories to our surroundings, we open ourselves up to a force field of support from the things we really love.

Image Credit: Marta Sulocka

3. Pretend you're moving.

Pick a closet or corner, pack it up in a box and let the open space breathe for a week. When you're ready to take everything back out, hold one intention: to cultivate delight. What brings you immediate satisfaction and wonder as you unpack it? Pay attention to anything that smudges this joy. Don't deny those first impressions – they are the litmus test for what still creates sparks for you. Hold onto what lights you up, and find a way to give it prime real estate and ample appreciation.

Image Credit: Adam Krause

4. Live the lush life.

Everything looks better with a luscious green plant or a brilliant bouquet of flowers nestled nearby. Not only do living things breathe new life into a room, they transform the past into something present. So, fill your space with their presence and let them amplify the beauty of your treasures.

Image Credit: Megan Floris

5. Shop your house.

It's quite easy to end up with an assortment of odds and ends – those impulsive buys we love but struggle with settle in a cohesive dwelling place. Dedicate a shelf in a closet with your treasures, and display them on rotation. By changing things up monthly or seasonally, we find ourselves slowing down – if even for a moment – to appreciate the beauty and story of our things. And that ritual of revival will make anything feel timeless, regardless of age.

p.s. Have you tried using mirrors to brighten up your home? 

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