How To Stay Sane While Sick Or Injured

If you've ever broken a bone or caught a mystery virus you couldn't seem to kick, you're familiar with the unique discomfort of being stuck on the couch, craving a routine to your regular routine. These seven tricks help speed the healing process, both physically and emotionally.


How To Create A Sacred Space With Feng Shui

Though we can't eradicate every bit of stress that's occurring in the world these days, we can at least promote a peaceful and positive energy inside our homes. These four feng shui strategies will encourage all good vibes inside, which can quickly shift to manifest in our public lives, too.


Try This: Meditation, Made More Accessible

Even (or especially) if you’re the sort of person who feels like you can’t keep your mind quiet in a typical “watch your breath” meditation, this 12-minute Kundalini practice is a great way to experiment with a daily mindfulness routine.


5 Feng Shui Tricks To Create More Space

Is it possible to keep our homes stocked with the well-designed keepsakes we adore, while still avoiding cluttered chaos? Our resident feng shui expert, Amanda Gibby Peters, weighs in with five tips to make a home feel more spacious, without needing to dump all our treasures in the trash.