Finally, A Cleanse For Foodies

  • The Food Lover's Cleanse

    Image Credit: Julia Gartland

    Click through for photos and recipe sources for our food lover's cleanse, or follow our sample meal plan below (yes, dessert is included!):

  • Grapefruit Edamame Salad

    Image Credit: The Forest Feast

    Grapefruit and edamame sounds like an intimidating combination, but trust us - your tastebuds will rejoice.

  • Buckwheat Waffle with Blueberry Syrup

    Image Credit: Oh, Ladycakes

    One of breakfast's greatest indulgences can be surprisingly healthy when crafted with buckwheat. And of course, we can't forgo an antioxidant-rich blueberry syrup!

  • Detox Smoothie

    Image Credit: Oh She Glows

    Smoothies are all the rage, and this one's a keeper. From beets to avocados, celery to strawberries, the nutrients (and flavor!) here pack a serious punch.

  • Green Lentils with Arugula and Asparagus

    Image Credit: Not Without Salt

    Lentils are known for their unique ability to absorb the flavors that surround them, so dish up this hearty, flavorful plate on a day you're craving something extra savory.

  • Creamy Parsley Pesto

    Image Credit: Not Without Salt

    Add a dash of this fresh, oh-so-indulgent pesto on whatever you'd like, from roasted veggies to organic chicken and everything between. (Or, let's be honest, a spoon. We don't judge.)

  • Hummus Flatbread

    Image Credit: In Sock Monkey Slippers

    The only thing we love more than hummus is hummus on a savory flatbread. An instant treat for lunch, dinner, or in-between snacking!

  • Bean and Farro Salad

    Image Credit: Honest Fare

    We'll admit it; farro sounds intimidating. But when paired with this bean salad, it's hearty, nutritious and surprisingly simple to prepare. We promise!

  • Quinoa Granola

    Image Credit: Fit Sugar

    It's true; quinoa is the unofficial crowd-pleaser when it comes to texture, making this super healthy granola crunch with delight!

  • Quinoa and Cannelini Bean Burger

    Image Credit: Goop

    On those evenings when you're craving a serious burger, why not try a cannelini bean alternative? Careful, they're addicting!

  • Red Lentil and Carrot Soup

    Image Credit: Julia Gartland

    Our red lentil and carrot soup recipe is perfect for a cold winter's night and brings a warm, loving scent to any home. Best served with friends or family!

  • Strawberry Tarte

    Image Credit: Canelle et Vanille

    We can't forget dessert, can we? Prep this (healthy) strawberry tarte to snack on all the week through.

  • Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

    Image Credit: Ambitious Kitchen

    Cookies are our greatest indulgences, so we're always seeking a recipe that makes them a touch more nutritious. This recipe delivers in a big way!

  • Banana Oat Protein Muffins

    Image Credit: Ambitious Kitchen

    For a decadent breakfast or a sweet snack, these banana oat protein muffins are an energy-booster indeed.

With spring break right around the corner, it seems everyone’s tackling a juice cleanse. But you know what? We Clementine gals have a hard time forgoing one of life’s sweetest gifts – healthy, hearty meals – all for the sake of flat abs and thigh gaps. And if you’re a daily reader of this website, you’ll know that we’ll always believe in overall wellness over physical fitness.

Still, we can’t deny the healing benefits of cutting back our sugar, caffeine and processed foods intake, so we enlisted the help of La Petite Peach blogger Desiree Spinner to create a week’s worth of delicious, nutritious recipes that will cleanse your body using foods closest to nature. We tried to steer clear of meat, dairy, white flour and sugar – all known to zap the delicate balance of energy – but please note, the purpose of this cleanse is not to lose weight. Instead, we’re shooting for a clearer mind, cleaner body. Let’s go!:

Day 1:
Breakfast: Banana Oat Protein Muffins
Lunch: Red Lentil and Carrot Soup
Dinner: Canelli Bean and Quinoa Burger
Dessert: Flourless Almond Butter and Sea Salt Cookie

Day 2:
Breakfast: Pink Power Smoothie
Lunch: Canelli Bean and Quinoa Burger
Dinner: Grapefruit Edamame Salad
Dessert: Flourless Almond Butter and Sea Salt Cookie

Day 3:
Breakfast: Banana Oat Protein Muffins
Lunch: Red Lentil and Carrot Soup
Dinner: Bean and Faro Salad
Dessert: Strawberry Tarte

Day 4:
Breakfast: Quinoa Granola with Olive Oil and Maple Syrup
Lunch: Green Lentils with Arugula and Asparagus
Dinner: Creamy Parsley Pesto and Farro
Dessert: Banana Oat Protein Muffins

Day 5:
Breakfast: Buckwheat Waffle with Blueberry Syrup
Lunch: Bean and Faro Salad
Dinner: Hummus Flatbread
Dessert: Strawberry Tarte

Care to give it a go? Post your dishes on Instagram with #ClementineCleanse – we’d love to hear how you’re feeling!

p.s. Prefer to cleanse the “old-fashioned” way? Hear from our juicing expert, Neka Pasquale!


  1. Oh you guys are so right on time! I just finished my plan for the last week and I’m feeling super lazy to create a new one. This one is perfect and it’s going to be printed, right now. :)

    • We’re thrilled you think so, Maggie. We’d love to hear and see how it goes on Instagram! xo

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