Welcome Home: Janae’s Missouri Bungalow

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    Janae Hardy is no stranger to chaos, juggling a vibrant trio of kids and a successful photography career in the bustling town of Springfield, Missouri. Yet upon entering her bright white bungalow, there isn’t a chaotic corner to be found. Instead, within the four walls of the Hardy home, you’ll find peace and light and joy – with effortless, eclectic style to boot. Care to sneak a peek? Click on through...

  • Image Credit: Janae Hardy

    How would you describe your decorating style?

    I would describe my decorating style as random or I suppose eclectic. If I see something I like, I use it. I love incorporating vintage items. I love the quality of furniture and things made "back in the day".

  • Image Credit: Janae Hardy

    What initially drew you to your home? And how did you set about transforming it for your own family?

    We bought our home when our 1st child was about a year old. We weren't planning on having more kids right away, so we bought a smaller home. It was a bungalow in my favorite neighborhood nested in the middle of town. It took some persuading to get my husband to be on board. He grew up in a small town surrounded by Amish country. He loves the slow pace of country life. The neighborhood with our home is right next to downtown and the university. He is such a good man to let me live in my dream neighborhood. Not long after we moved in, I found out that I was pregnant with our second son. Things started to get a bit cramped once he came. Renovating the attic was in the back of our minds the whole time we lived in the house. That was it... we called a builder and got the plans started. Renovations were finished 3 days before I had the baby!

  • Image Credit: Janae Hardy

    There are so many beautiful handmade and thrifted touches in your home, and you have a wonderful eye for mixing them together! What are your tips for pulling this off?

    Thank you! Hmm, I think decorating my house is a daily thing. One day a picture will look great on a wall mixed with other things. Then I'll walk by the next morning and wonder, "What was I thinking?!" Each day I think I change something up. It's kind of a joke with my mom. She laughs that things are changed up when she comes over. I think doing what you love is best. Also, I love to immerse myself in design resources: magazines, decor books and Pinterest.

  • Image Credit: Janae Hardy

    What is your favorite room in the home, and why?

    My favorite room is our dining room. During renovations, our builder tore down a wall and built a staircase in it's place. It was such a dramatic change. I would just stare at it because I loved it so much! He found reclaimed wood beams from an old tobacco factory that he used for our steps. He stained them with a dark wax and everything else was painted with a high gloss white. A window at the top of the steps lets the light pour in each morning. It is always a cheery place to drink my morning coffee!

  • Image Credit: Janae Hardy

    You've got $100 to spend for a quick and easy update in your space. What do you choose, and where do you find it?

    I'd head online to Anthropologie (we don't have a local store) and buy a throw. I'm obsessed with blankets and throws. One can never have too many ;)

  • Image Credit: Janae Hardy

    Favorite home decor shopping destinations?

    I wish I could say a really fancy sounding store, but I like garage sales and Craigslist. There is something great about purchasing an item from the original owner. I'll always ask the history of something. I can appreciate whatever I buy so much more when there is a story with it. Our town is inundated with thrift stores and flea markets. It's actually comical...we have SO many. It's kind of the trend in our town.

  • Image Credit: Janae Hardy

    The attic is one of my favorite rooms, and wasn't finished upon moving in, yes? What would be your advice to readers planning a renovation or remodel while living in the home?

    A couple of things that made the process easier: Get a builder that you can be around...a lot! They kind of become a family member because they are at your house so much. We had the best builder who was kind, worked hard, and the kids LOVED him. That really helped. Another tip is to stay with someone during the heavy demolishing and building stages. We lived out of our house for 1 month during renovation. I never knew how gross and dusty our house would get from all the work being done. I took days and days to clean up all the dust. Our renovations were in the heart of the home, so we couldn't escape the mess and had to live somewhere else for a bit.

  • Image Credit: Janae Hardy

    What would you say is your most treasured object at home?

    This is a TOUGH question! If our house was on fire and I had to grab something, it would be an oil painting my mom painted when she was in grade-school. My grandma had it in her guest bedroom for decades. When she passed away, I got to keep it. I think it's so beautiful.

  • Image Credit: Janae Hardy

    The age-old question: form or function? And please tell us - how do you maintain a beautiful, creative home with three adorable children running underfoot?

    This is a question that is on my mind a lot...especially as a parent :) I'm a firm believer that there needs to be a hybrid of both! If a product is well designed, then it will fulfill its function. Well designed baby/children's items are my splurge. If the toys, highchairs, cribs are pretty, then they won't be such an eyesore. They sort of melt in with the decor. I've had friends come into our home and ask, "Where are all of your toys?" The funny thing is, toys were in plain sight, but people didn't notice them!

Thank you, Janae! What a pleasure to join you for the afternoon – virtually, of course! (And we couldn’t agree more – we Clementine gals can never have enough blankets on hand!)

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  1. I lovvvve the eclectic-ness of it — the vintage touches make it so homey but the white space and clean lines make it so modern at the same time.

  2. hi there, im trying to to see this home tour but the arrow links are not working! if you could fix it,thanks!

    • Hi Patrici! Can you try now? The arrow links only show up when you hover over the image – am hoping it works after a second shot! Thank you so much! :)

  3. I just figured out what it is. It’s not working with Firefox, I went in with Explorer and finally I can see the article and images. (lovely house) however, you guys might want to check if it’s just me or every Firefox user. I know many people use Safari, but still a good number of people have Windows and use Firefox. Have a lovely day, and congratulations for the site!

    • I’m viewing it in Firefox now and it seems to be working, but gosh – thank you for the head’s up! We’ll definitely look into this. :)

  4. I just happened across this post because I follow design for mini-kind. Originally from Kansas City I was delighted to see a Missouri home and then even more excited when I spotted eeBoo wall cards! I currently work at eeBoo (also a lovely space: http://blog.eeboo.net/studio-gallery/?album=3) and love when I stumble across our product! What a lovely home, thanks for sharing!

  5. Janae – you have such a great eye for color & texture! Can’t wait to see what home you land in next – hopefully there will be a follow-up tour!!

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  7. CUTE! I love the stairs up to the attic. *cough* we have an Anthro in STL ;) and I am sure KC has one too. I say road trip it for a weekend and go for it. hehe Leave the thrifting to the SMSU kids!

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  9. What a joy to read this & so timely, too. We’ll likely head back to our own little Texas cottage soon after a few years in Europe. I’ve been looking for inspiration to prep for the eventual home renovation and this post, as so many others here, is pure INSPIRATION! Wow!

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