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    As avid online shoppers, we honestly cannot tell you the last time we set foot into a mall. The crowds, the buzz, the chaos - it's all a bit too much for us sensitive gals to take. (Plus, if we had to choose between a free hour at the mall or an hour curled up with a good book? Point us to the library, please.) And with the dawn of free shipping, the convenience of online shopping is easy to justify - especially when considering our 5 favorite shopping apps that keep our wallets full and homes well-stocked...

  • shopping app

    The ultimate tool for gift-givers everywhere, Gift Plan reminds you of important birthdays/events while keeping track of friends and family member's clothing sizes, preferences and shopping budgets! So even though your anniversary is six months away, you can bookmark that french press he's been eyeing to save you from the last-minute shopping scramble! To Download: Gift Plan ($2.99)

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    Love the catalog but hate the junk mail? Enter Coffee Table: an app that aggregates catalog mailers from the likes of Nordstrom, West Elm and more. With direct links to featured products, scoring the perfect gift for your mother-in-law has never been easier. To Download: Coffee Table App (FREE)

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    We Clementine gals subscribe to a pretty rigorous de-cluttering theory: for every new item, something old must go. Naturally, we fell hard for Thred Up, an online consignment app that takes the guesswork out of selling your gently used apparel for the whole family. A modern day hand-me-down tool for buying and selling clothing with ease, Thred Up sure beats rallying your neighbors to throw that garage sale this fall! To Download: Thred Up (FREE)

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    For those rare times we do make it to the mall, Retail Me Not Coupons are a budgeting gal's best friend. An app that aggregates thousands of coupons from restaurants to department stores, Retail Me Not sends push coupons to your phone when you're approaching a store hosting a sale. Even better? You can browse and save coupons for later - or share them with friends and family! It's the app that keeps on giving. To Download: Retail Me Not Coupons (FREE)

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    Good news - you've spotted the perfect gift for your college-bound niece! Bad news? It's wayyyy out of your price range. Download our budget saver Hukkster, the newest app that tracks your wishlist items as they drop in price. Once your items hits a predetermined price or sale percentage, Hukkster notifies you so you can swoop in for the prize! To Download: Hukkster (FREE)

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  1. I can’t get on to FB at work, but wanted to mention the app (and website) Slice. It automatically tracks shipments of online purchases AND (even better) alerts you if something you just bought drops in price, and when possible links to the policy on whether the retailer refunds the difference… Has saved me a ton from places like Nordstrom!

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  3. I will definitely have to check these out!
    I’ve been loving The Nearby, makes it easy to shop and discover fantastic local boutiques and small businesses.


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