Spotlight On: 12 Accent Pillows

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    We Clementine gals believe that one of the quickest ways to spruce up a room is to toss a new cushion onto the scene. However, we don’t always want to invest in an over-the-top trend, for just as quickly as those sequined ombre shams can revive your sofa, they can also date it. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered twelve versatile and stylish throw pillows that will enliven your space no matter how your taste may change over the years.

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    Preppy or playful, coastal or casual, stripes are the ultimate decor chameleon. Plus these indoor/outdoor cushions can be sprayed with a hose! To Buy: Striped Polypropylene ($48)

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    Tie-dye says goodbye to its hippie reputation. Cool shades of lavender and ash create a subtle, sophisticated effect on sumptuous velvet. To Buy: Tie-Dyed Cotton Velvet ($48)

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    Polka dots have a youthful yet timeless appeal. Iconic design house Marimekko puts a twist on the classic with papercut circles in an unexpected scale and proportion. To Buy: Heavyweight Cotton ($77)

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    Flokati feels airy in summer and snuggly in winter. As well, this option is nicely priced for households with cats; just replace it after too many kneading sessions. To Buy: Faux Sheepskin ($18)

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    A woven pattern pays homage to traditional kilim tapestries, yet crisp black and white let this pillow slip into even the most contemporary interior. To Buy: Cotton Cushion Cover ($10)

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    Adore a study in contrast? This nubby wool hook whispers granny chic, while a bright cherry heart sings of young love. To Buy: Wool and Cotton ($54)

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    You don’t need permission to grab a little midday shuteye. However, it’s still nice to have it — especially when delivered with such panache. To Buy: Printed Poplin ($20)

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    Although this knit number elevates the humble throw cushion to sculptural status, on the inside it still longs for a good snuggle. To Buy: Sweater-Knit Wool ($34)

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    Whimsical whorls sit atop textured slub cotton to make a dynamic statement that can easily veer mod, traditional, or eclectic. To Buy: Piped Cotton (2 for $68)

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    Inky chambray might evoke the relaxed vibe of your favorite denim shirt, but a slim silhouette is more refined than it is ‘Home on the Range’. To Buy: Linen Chambray ($108)

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    Enlarged and placed on a surprisingly neutral oxblood backdrop, leopard print takes on an abstract quality. To Buy: Hand-Screened Linen ($104)

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    Neither too masculine nor too feminine, sienna with soft blush undertones will please both ladies and gents. And can we talk about that price? To Buy: Cotton Velvet ($10)

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    And remember - no couch companion is as important as the loved ones sitting next to you. Happy snuggling!

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