Editor’s Letter: September 2013

erin loechner

Photo Credit: Ken Loechner

I felt the itch last fall, shortly after the birth of my daughter – the push to think more deeply about what I wanted from life. What life wanted from me. There’s just something about change, isn’t there? Whether it arrives swaddled in baby blankets, job promotions or cross-country moves, change propels us to dream beyond ourselves. To turn question marks into statements, complete with a period that forms a new dot on the map entirely – a starting point to a different perspective.

Clementine Daily is the period on my page. It began as a search for a women’s lifestyle site that included all of my aesthetic passions: style, beauty, home design, food – but also the deeper, more meaningful ones: wellness, etiquette, advice, inspiration. I wanted all of it, a site that offered grace and acceptance between boyfriend jeans and beauty balms – a quick pasta recipe seasoned with reassurance and self-respect. I wanted authenticity and reality, not airbrushed and glossy. I wanted inspiration, not aspiration.

And I quickly realized that I wasn’t alone. We’re growing tired, aren’t we? Pinterest overload, immaculate parties, confetti in our shoes. Celebrations are fun, but somewhere along the way, we lost the everyday. The glitz and glitter has overshadowed the simplest of pleasures: clean sheets, morning light, hot tea.

At Clementine Daily, we’re committed to celebrating the everyday – the good and the bad. We believe in kitchen dance parties and rainstorms and threadbare t-shirts. We believe in the five-minute face, the quick fix, the scenic route. We believe in growth and mascara, vulnerability and brownies (and a lot of other things).

We’re Anne and Joanna and Amanda and Elizabeth and Julia and Stella and Erika and Stephanie and me –  a team of women scattered across the states with a united mission: to navigate our busy, multi-faceted lives with grace and joy and a great chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Throughout the pages of Clementine, you’ll find a slew of inspired content this month – homemade beauty scrubs, pitch-perfect hostess gifts, the best area rugs for your space and a killer pistachio pesto pasta recipe. But you’ll find something else: real life. You’ll learn how to get a better night’s sleep and heal a broken friendship and finally tackle that mess of a refrigerator.

Because as women, we’re really not that different from a clementine. When we peel back the layers of beauty and protection and zest, we find the true sustenance of life: ourselves.

Welcome to Clementine Daily, friends. We’re so happy to have you here.

Erin Loechner


  1. Hip hip hooray for Clementine Daily and all the passion, beauty, and authenticity that I know you and your incredible team have in store for us Erin! I am so so excited for you! Huge congratulatory hugs across the miles!
    Now I’m off to dive into the world of Clementine with my cozy cup of tea ! xox Ez

  2. So glad you started this site! I’ve been starting to feel overwhelmed with all the “perfectness” out there on the web, so its nice to see something real for a change….good job ladies!

  3. Oh ladies, I am so so so happy you’ve done this. Congratulations and I can’t wait to read more! I have a feeling I’ve found my new favorite place. :)

  4. I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately by all of the perfection, for sure, and it’s been keeping me from making the little changes in my (carpeted. rental. apartment.) home. But it has lovely light. A nice patio. It’s the current reflection of me. And so I’m looking forward to a different kind of inspiration here. Fingers crossed that sometimes the cracks show. :)

    • Thank you, Emily! Your home sounds lovely – and yes, we think the cracks will definitely show, but in a light-filled way. :)

  5. I am so very happy to have stumbled across your website.

    At first glance, I simply thought “Clementine Daily is the idea I’ve had all along. I’m so glad someone has actually been able to turn this want into an actual site!” What lovely design and great content.

    Merci beaucoup!

  6. Truly I feel blessed already that there are women out there moving forward to push online communities like this. I’m excited for Clementine and for what this means for the greater good of women. You can bet I’ll be following along amidst my ever-changing, constantly moving life.


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