10 Pitch-Perfect Hostess Gifts

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    Our mothers taught us that when visiting a home for dinner or an extended stay it is best practice to bring a token of appreciation for the host/hostess. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right? Etiquette rules aside, here are a few hostess gift ideas that are certain to grant you a second invitation! Happy gifting!

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    Does your hostess love cooking? Gifting a cookbook and utensils is the perfect way for her to learn some new culinary tricks, and who knows? She just might whip up a treat to share during your visit! To Buy: Amalfi Coast Recipes ($34) and Bamboo and Teal Utensil ($15)

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    Bring the outdoors in with this darling terrarium. Made from a repurposed wine bottle, this kit is a great way to spruce up a kitchen countertop or coffee table. To Buy: Sedum Terrarium Bottle ($38)

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    This monogrammed coaster set will class up your hostess’ coffee table while offering protection when the drinks make the rounds! To Buy: Everyday Leather Boxed Coasters ($45)

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    Make your hostess grin by gifting her these quirky kitty magnets! Each is handmade and hand-painted by ceramicist Emily Reinhardt. Bonus? They won't claw at your favorite chair. To Buy: Kitty Cat Magnet Trio ($28)

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    Scrawl a mini thank you note on this adorable reclaimed oak ‘notepad’ to let your hostess know how you really feel. To Buy: Chalkboard Tablet ($39)

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    Let your hostess know just how much you care with a sweet, yet bold message. This pillow is sure to spread the love long after the party has ended! To Buy: Heart Pillow ($58)

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    Is there anything more indulgent that hot chocolate on a stick? A perfect gift for the hard-working hostess to enjoy at the end of a bustling dinner party. To Buy: Hot Chocolate On A Stick ($2.99)

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    Treat your hostess to a luxurious throw, perfect for afternoon reading and cozy naps on cooler evenings. She just might need to wind down after the hectic frenzy of entertaining guests (present company excluded, we're sure!). To Buy: Navy Pom Pom Throw ($128)

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    Talk about foodie heaven! This assortment of snacks, treats, and sweets is the perfect gift if you’ve been invited for any length of time. To Buy: The Good Guest ($80)

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    While flowers are always a thoughtful way to express gratitude, why not wow your hostess with a wreath she will use again and again? To Buy: Wild Daisy Wreath ($59)

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    And remember - whether you arrive with a fancy spread of food or a simple handwritten note, it matters not. Gratitude is always in style!

p.s. What’s your go-to gift to bring along when visiting a friend or family member’s home? Tweet us @clementinedaily – we’d love to hear!


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  2. i’d like some ideas for teens. we are having a homecoming “party before the party” at our photography studio and would love some ideas to send them out the door with!!!!

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